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NYC Department of Buildings Safety Courses

SST-110: Stairways and Ladders - 1 Hour

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Stairways and Ladders

The purpose of this course is to Educate workers on hazards of stairways and ladders used in construction as a source of injuries and fatalities among construction workers.

 THIS IS AN AWARENESS-LEVEL TRAINING ONLY and does not provide any other qualification or authorization outside of the Site Safety Training Card.

Course Time Course Code CEU Certification Expiration
1 Hour (excluding breaks and lunch time) SST-110 0.1 A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this course, which can be used to fulfill requirements of a Worker and Supervisor SST Card. This training course is valid for five (5) years

Upon Completing this course, the students will be able to:

  • Explain the types of hazards related to stairs.
  • Identify the different slopes associated with ramps, stair and ladders.
  • Describe the parts and components of  stairs.
  • Identify electrical hazards concerning the use of ladders.
  • Describe how to inspect a ladder before using it.


100% attendance of this course is required to gain certification. Students must attend the full hour, and are expected to be on time as per Quantum Safety’s rules.

To fulfill all requirements of both Quantum Safety’s testing and the Department of Buildings (DOB), students must be able to demonstrate they have a achieved the learning outcomes.

To clearly demonstrate these objectives, every student must pass a final exam before certification and achieve at least a 65% passing grade.

Note: Final exams can be attempted as many times as necessary.


30 minutes is considered the maximum allowed time for lateness. Any student who is absent for any training, or who shows up 30 minutes after the scheduled starting time will be asked to schedule a make-up training day for the contact hours.

Note: No incomplete contact hours certifications will be issued. Students must make-up any missed time for their courses.

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